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Eldan Telecom boasts over 250 interconnects around the world, and offers 6 A-Z rate decks as well as 3 geographical specific plans to provide your business with the perfect price and quality combination to meet your needs. We are partnered with Access Airtime to provide multiple rate decks: Direct, Premium, and Standard IP Voice and many more. We also cater to your specific wholesale termination needs and provide you with custom ratedecks should the need arise for your business.

6 Ratedecks for You to Choose From!

By partnering with Access Airtime, Eldantel is able to provide 6 quality based ratedecks to meet your needs.

We offer our wholesale termination services to small and medium-sized VoIP providers, call shops, corporate clients and VoIP resellers. Eldantel selected our current termination partners and interconnects through rigorous hand testing, that are optimized in real time to bring sweeping benefits to your business. Eldantel assists you to simplify and grow your wholesale termination business with custom ratedecks designed to deliver the highest quality at the lowest possible rates. With 200+ interconnects and over three service levels, you can choose the best solution for terminating your wholesale minutes.

[features show_bg=”no” title=”Standard” src=”icon-refresh” link=”http://accessairtime.com”]Ideal for price-oriented services. We do not guarantee the quality of this route[/features]
[features title=”Silver” src=”icon-laptop” show_bg=”no” link=”http://accessairtime.com”]Popular with wholesalers and retailers for stable QoS with aggressive pricing[/features]
[features show_bg=”no” title=”Premium” src=”icon-magic” show_bg=”no” link=”http://accessairtime.com”]Quality-focused route ideal for retail services; delivering high ASRs, ACDs, and low PDD.[/features]
[features title=”Gold” src=”icon-refresh” link=”http://accessairtime.com” show_bg=”no”]For operators who require a high QoS at competitive rates for retail purposes[/features]
[features show_bg=”no” title=”Platinum” src=”icon-laptop” link=”http://accessairtime.com”]The highest quality and enhanced features (CLI) with a competitive market rate. [/features]
[features title=”Directs” src=”icon-magic” show_bg=”no” link=”http://accessairtime.com”]The highest quality service with guaranteed direct partnerships around the world. [/features]

Experience Quality Termination

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Wholesale Internation VoIP Termination from Eldantel and Access Airtime