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What is a Hosted PBX?

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Introducing Hosted PBX by Eldantel

If you are looking to save money on your monthly business phone line, then you need a Hosted PBX by Eldantel. Using the power of VoIP, Eldantel is able to provide small, medium and even large business with enterprise quality phone systems, solutions and business phone lines, without the enterprise costs! How is this possible? Keep on reading below to find out how VoIP and a Hosted PBX by Eldantel can chop your current monthly phone bill in half!

What is a Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX is a fully managed, enterprise grade business phone system. It connects calls through cloud based technology as well as the power of VoIP, cutting down the costs of running a traditional phone system, without compromising quality. Hosted PBX by Eldantel can be used by individuals, small businesses, as well as large companies. The cost savings of running a hosted PBX, versus a traditional phone system are great! Hosted PBX allows you to connect head office to remote office agents, travelling employees back to head office, and vice versa all from one phone system, provided to you by Eldantel. In addtion to saving money, and allowing your agents and employees far and wide to stay connected, your phone system is manager 24/7 by our trained and professional support team, so you can focus on running your business, and we can focus on keeping your communiations channel 100%.


Quick Review:

Hosted PBX allows you to make calls using the power of VoIP
Hosted PBX saves me money
With a Hosted PBX by Eldantel, I am able to connect my various businesses, far and wide, together through one phone system

Hosted PBX is managed by trained and professional technicians and support staff

What are the Benefits of a Hosted PBX for Me?

The benefits of having a Hosted PBX for your business or organization enable you to make a

Initial Savings: With a Hosted PBX by Eldantel, there is not need to invest a large, upfront amount for expensive and bulky equipment. With a hosted PBX, the telephone system is managed by us, so you don’t have to.
Ongoing Cost Savings: By using the power of VoIP, Eldantel is able to save you money on your monthly business line phone bill. This provides you with ongoing cost savings in respect to your business phone line!
Flexibility: What to add an IVR? No problem? Remove a voicemail? Sure! Add an additional phone number to your account? We have you covered! The flexibility and freedom that a hosted PBX provides you supersedes that of traditional phone systems. There are no additional modules to purchase, or hardware to order. Just a a quick phone call or email and we shall get your updates done in a jiffy!
Global Image: If you’re a local business, but have a lot of clients in the United States or overseas, a hosted PBX will allow you to have a global image, without an astronomical cost! Virtual numbers from Eldantel enable you to have multiple numbers from different countries all pointing to your hosted PBX. Cultivate the global image that your business needs with us!
Credible Business Identity:For a small business or startup, getting people to take your business seriously can be a bit of a struggle. With a hosted PBX, you can have the professionalism of a larger corporation without paying an arm and a leg! Build people’s faith in your work with our Hosted PBX service today!
Scalability: No need to purchase more hardware, different servers or modules when using a hosted PBX. Hosted PBX with Eldantel allows you to grow or downsize your phone system without the heavy cost of purchasing new equipment.
Quick Installation: Installing your Hosted PBX system is as simple as 1-2-3! Simply power on your phone, plug in your internet cable… and that’s it! No 3 option! You can move your phone wherever there is internet and still receive calls to your number, and make and recieve calls from your extension.
Easy Maintenance: Eldantel provides you with all the maintenance that you need for your phone system. There is no monthly, annual or term maintenance contracts with us! Simple, straight forward business phone lines for you and your clients!

How Do I Get Started?

To get started with your Hosted PBX from Eldantel, simply give us a call at: 416-477-1215 or, for fastest service, fill out our Hosted PBX Order Form. We will be in contact with you to get your needs met for your new phone system.

Your New Business Phone System Awaits!

Give us a call at 416-477-1215 ext. 2612 to speak with one of our technical specialists for your business phone needs. Or fill out the form and start saving and enjoying today!

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