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Make the IP PBX Switch, Embrace a New Phone System


What is an IP PBX System?

An IP PBX System is called by many names such as IP Centrex Solution and In-House PBX. Simply put, an IP PBX System by Eldantel places all your telephone needs right under your own roof.

By having an IP Centrex at your location, you are able to fully manage the communications needs of your company more effectively and efficiently. Your Eldantel IP PBX System scales across as many sites, or as many continents, as you need, without a loss in call quality or functionality.

What are the Features of Eldantel IP PBX?

The featureset of an Eldantel IP PBX are vast. Some features that we have seen in our clients IP PBX include, but are not limited to:

IVR & Digital Receptionist
Advanced Voicemail
Sales & Support Queues
Advanced Call Routing
Paging & Intercom
Ring Groups
and so much more!

What are the Benefits of the Eldantel IP PBX?

The Eldantel IP PBX encompasses the same ease of use that our hosted PBX systems have. Plug and play functionality allows you to get your IP PBX up and running from day one, and our dedicated and VoIP specialists are available whenever you need it.

Switching to an Eldantel IP PBX can cost less than maintaining and supporting legacy PBX systems and traditional PBX and IP PBX. Currently, a number of our clients have said that their Eldantel IP PBX has paid itself off in under one (1) year.


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