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VoIP Consulting Service by Eldantel provide you with the best in knowledge, advice and personnel. All of our consultants are rigorously trained to give you the utmost care, and solution to your VoIP needs, wants and problems.

Before any builder – great or small – can start his work, they need a plan, a blueprint of sorts to find out where the windows go, where the wall will be and how the backyard will look like. This is where Eldantel comes in. You are the client: you have in your mind what you want your phone system to sound like, what type of billing solution you will need and what type of services you want to offer. However, the exact materials, and most importantly plans are not in place.

This is where Eldantel comes in.

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The Reason We Are the Best VoIP Consultants For You.

VoIP Companies Come and Go, However, Eldantel Continues to Understand VoIP Better Than Ever.

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We hold your hand and show you from stage one, from the ground up, where to get the materials, how to use them and most importantly, how to profit from the success of your project. With over a decade of knowledge and experience dealing with various VoIP applications, solutions and projects, we are the one and only source that helps you from stage one all the way to completion.

Open Source

Eldantel  has over a decade of experience working alongside both proprietary and open source solutions. Open source solutions such as Asterisk, FreePBX, trixbox, elastix and more provide robust VoIP abilities, but unless you are a programmer, it can be difficult to get up on the road with your new install. Allow Eldantel to show you the ropes and provide you with the way to make the most of your investment. Open source applications we work with include: calling card platforms, voice broadcasting, call center solutions, PBX/phone systems and more!

New Business

Ok, so you are ready to VoIP! You have your investment ready, but that is as far as you have gone! Do you know about channels? Who will be your terminator? Do you have a NOC on standby? All of these questions are overwhelming if you are not prepared. Eldantel sits you down and gives you a breakdown of exactly what to expect when you are getting started in VoIP. Whether you will become a wholesale operator, or are looking for something more small scale, Eldantel impart knowledge for you to be successful in your goal of running a successful VoIP business.

Solution Choice

Are you considering two or more solutions, and do not know which to go with? Do you get lost in all the promotional material  that you find it hard to pick which solution will be best for what you want to do? Bring the materials to us – or we will come to you – and we will sit down with you,to breakdown the pros and cons of each solution. We are not saying that you should go with an Eldantel Solution (although your probably should :D) however we understand that sometimes the many choices provided can make it hard to see the winner in the end. Let Eldantel help.


You are a vetern in the VoIP market, yet you don’t know exactly where your money is going. We can help you figure out what you are doing right – or wrong – and provide the stragety to make you bring in the profits. It could be that you need more cost efficient routes, or that your routing engine could need an upgrade. Maybe you could need extra investment into your business to bring new life, or it is time to shutdown. Whatever the case, you will know where your investment is going, and how to make the best decision for your company.