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VoIP Consulting

Eldantel has trained, passionate and industry leaders on the forefront of our VoIP consulting wing. We work with clients to discover exactly what you are looking to achieve and find the software that can best meet those needs. We consult on a number of VoIP projects, regardless of size or scope. Ask us your questions or concerns about VoIP!

VoIP Training & Support

Need help with your current phone system? Don’t know whats wrong with your dialplan? You have problems configuring something in your VoIP device? Our support team can provide you with the answer to your questions and show you how to fix issues and problems that may arise in your VoIP environment, whether home or away.

IT Consulting

Corporate IT training, computer help and more that puts you in the forefront of technology. Stop browsing the pages of Google and Wikipedia, or computer forums for your computer help. Eldantel IT consulting services put you in touch directly with a trained IT professional – or professionals –  for your business, organization, or yourself.

IT Training & Support

Computer help has never been so easy to procure, as well as cost effective, with trained specialists that cover your every need for you individually or your company! Our trainers will be able to not only answer your every PC question, but provide you with hands on training and projects so that you know exactly where, why and how to fix issues in the future.

At Eldantel, VoIP services are ways in which Eldantel supports and provides assistance in the VoIP world. From technical support, maintenance, to backup and recovery solutions for your VoIP projects, Eldantel has the right skills and intelligence to keep your investment in VoIP secure. Eldantel VoIP services give you the assurance and stability that is necessary to use VoIP to its full advantage in any scope.

The VoIP services that Eldantel offers are in-depth, and can take a custom approach. We are more than willing to build a customization service package or solution for your corporation from the ground up; whether you need on-site training, server hardening or data recovery, Eldantel is able to provide you with a service that will leave you both happy and relieved that real, caring support staff are available to keep your system up online.

VoIP services provided by Eldantel are extremely flexible: if you need a service plan, want to upgrade your current service package, or are looking to merge different VoIP technologies, Eldantel has the capability to handle many situations that arise from a poor service package setup. Some of the VoIP services that Eldantel has to offer include, but are not limited to the following: