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Our Virtual Call Center Service Provides Your Business with Endless Possibilities!

With unlimited customization options for your business, choosing Eldantel for your virtual office and virtual call center needs is the best choice you can make for your small, medium and large business. Get in contact with us about the specific needs that you require, and we will be able to provide you with knowledge and the expertise you need to have the best possible virtual call center solution for your needs.

Some of the features of our virtual call center and virtual office plans include:

  1. Live Receptionists: We ensure that all your incoming calls are answered by professional, friendly and courteous live receptionist who are trained to make sure that the experience of your clients is nothing but a positive one.
  2. Order Taking: We go through your order process to ensure that our receptionists are able to handle, process and take orders for your business, saving you time and making you money.
  3. Local, International & Toll Free Number: We can provide you with a toll-free, local or international phone numbers for your company.
  4. Customer Service & Support: Have a staff of trained customer service representative on standby when your clients call. Our service teams will get to know your products and services and can anticipate potential needs or problems that your clients may face, while providing solutions that help keep up your business image, and keep your clients happy.
  5. Appointment Scheduling: Have your calendar managed and maintained by us! Never miss an appointment or have overlapping scheudles. We shall take care of it!

Advantages of a Virtual Office

A virtual office environment assists in reducing costs for your business. Finding extra office space and hiring new employees to perform mundane tasks does not help your bottom line, and is where Eldantel comes in. We help your business by having trained, enthusiastic and respectful staff on hand that know about your business, understand your products and service and are able to problem solve issues that may arise, without putting a heavy dent in your pocket! Apart from cutting costs, having a virtual office quickly and seemlessly boosts your company’s brand an image by having a dedicated team that have your business’ image at heart.

  1. Passionate and dedicated representatives that are knowledge about your company and can provide top notch service and support to your clients
  2. Reduce operating costs
  3. Provide a  uniform, professional and image to your clients
  4. Focus in-house employees on tasks of greater importance
  5. Greatly organize your business


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Eldantel Call Center Team

Small Business Plan

Low Volume

Upto 25 Actions

Upto 25 Inbound/Outbound Actions

Professional Autoattendant Setup

Low Volume Package

Great for Startups, Small Business & Individuals

SMB Service Plan

100 Call Plan

Upto 100 Actions

Upto 100 Incoming Actions

Upto 100 Outgoing Actions

Great for busy, small businesses, individuals & consultants

Fully Customizeable Scripts

Enterprise Service Plan

High Volume

Please Call Our Offices

Live Virtual Office

Flexible for your business

Fantastic for larger offices

Fully Customizable Scripts

Small Business Plan

Low Volume

Upto 50 Actions

Upto 50 Inbound/Outbound Actions

Low Volume Service

Professional Autoattendant Setup

Live Receptionist Option Available

SMB Service Plan

250 Call Plan

Upto 250 Actions

Hybrid Service

Autoattendant & Live Receptionist

Upto 250 Incoming/Outgoing Actions

Fully Customizable Scripts

Call Center Package

Full Service

Upto 250 Actions

Hybrid Service

Order Taking

Appointment Booking

Inbound/Outbound Call Center