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The Eldantel Turnkey VoIP Solution allows you to become your own ITSP, and have full control over the equipment, services and solutions provided to your consumers. The Eldantel Turnkey VoIP Solution that Eldantel offers provides you with a wide range of products and service offerings, all from one convenient interface. The possibilities for you to great different products and services, to match your ideal client and consumer grouping is endless. Eldantel is ready to make your big step as an ITSP and sure step.

The service. What Sets Us Apart.

With Our Turnkey VoIP Solution, there is noone stopping your from being the best VoIP company. Ever.

Online Management

We provide 100% online portals for your to manage your VoIP solution from anywhere around the world. Portals are accessed by:

  • Administrator
  • Sub-Administrator
  • Agent
  • Customer

All the users, agents and administrators that you create on your solution are able to have full management of their accounts, so that they too can have the freedom and ease of use of your service! More power to you, and more money to you!

Multiple Admins

Create and manage multiple administrators. You have the ability to change and choose what each admin. sub-admin, agent and customer can see from their various portals, as well as what service they are able to do on each of their portals. There is no limit on our systems to the number of admins, sub-admins, clients or agents that you can have

∞ Agents

Sell agent access to your service. Agents can work as resellers of your various products – residential, long distance or VoIP business for example – and earn commission. The agent has the ability to:

  • Create, edit, generate, manage and delete their customers
  • Browse rates
  • Create SIP/IAX accounts
  • See payments, refills and accounting for their customers
  • See current balance of clients
  • See current agent balance
  • See commission
  • Request commission to bank account or agent balance


All Eldantel Turnkey VoIP Solutions come on Linux based, secure platforms. We use the most up to date Linux environments, as well as backing with the latest firewall and intrusion detection so that you will peace of mind that your investment is being protected, 24/7.

∞ Packages & Plans

Create as many call packages as you want! Whether you are creating plans for your long distance offering, your home phone users, or an unlimited calling plans for your business phone clients, you can do it all from the advanced interfaces that Eldantel provides you. So bring the ideas forth, the possibilities are endless!

  • Free Minutes
  • Per Minute
  • Free Minutes & Per Minute
  • Unlimited
  • It’s Your Choice!
  • Control your pricing!
  • You customize your pricing!

Multiple Access Levels

Create and manage multiple access levels to your Eldantel Turnkey VoIP Solution… and be in total control of it from day 1! Eldantel does not bother you, bug you, regulate how many administrators that you are allowed to have, or how many users you need to maintain. The access levels that you create are 100% controllable by you with no interference by Eldantel.

Mass Mailing

The mass mailing feature of our turnkey VoIP solution allows you to send out messages to your clients in one, fell swoop! No need to collect emails through your Gmail account, no need to run to and fro looking for this client’s email, and that client’s email… it’s all there for you! To top it off, we also provide translatable templates for the most needed mail messages of all:

  • Welcome Email
  • Forgotten Password Email
  • Low Balance Alert
  • Payment Confirmation Receipt
  • Opened Ticket
  • Updated/Closed Ticket

Class 5 service

Offer home phone service, as many as you want, as little as you want, it’s all your choice and up to you! Some service you can include are as follows:

  • Call Forwarding
  • Call Waiting
  • Three-Way-Calling
  • Caller ID
  • Caller Display
  • Call Blocking
  • Voicemail

Online Reports

Call Reports all you to see the going on’s of your system. They manage the details of all the calls that occur on your system, and categorizes them by type. Some types of call reports include:

  • Access Numbers Reports
  • Call Detail Reports
  • Daily, Monthly and Yearly Reports
  • Monthly Volumes
  • Call Comparison Reports

The reporting service of our Turnkey VoIP Solution allow you to know call destination, call duration, profit/loss and more.


LCR stands for “Least Cost Routing”, the route selected for a call to be made will be the one of the least cost to you. We also have LCD “Least Cost Dialing” which will provide your clients with the rate that costs the least for them. The rating and routing engine of our solution provides both routing choices, and are available for you to use in a myriad of ways.

Voucher Topup System

The Voucher Topup System is one of it’s kind. It allows your users to be able to purchase vouchers from you or your agents, and then refill their accounts. Simple and just like that – pay-as-you-go service! The voucher management interface gives you the ability to:

  • See, manage and edit vouchers
  • Generate vouchers
  • Tag vouchers
  • Download vouchers
  • Activate/Deactivate vouchers
  • See used and creation date

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