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Traditional Managed IT Services

All businesses and non-profits should have a company in place to handle their IT infrastructure. Eldantel is the company company to:




Optimizations, monitoring and management are all part and parcel of IT support. They bleed into each other. If a problem presents itself in an area of IT management, it  will affect your monitoring – or lack there of – as well as an network and IT optimizations, if any are in place! For this reason alone, all businesses need to invest in a company that cares about the entire IT process, and not just one aspect. Managed IT services are not just for companies in Toronto, Mississauga or bigger cities, but smaller and rural towns across Canada and internationally as well! Your network – computers, devices, users and connections – need to be managed, secured and optimized by a company that not only knows what it is doing, but truly understands what your IT management needs are.

IT services such as training and support are an integral element to any successful business. Fully integrated IT resources all a company to run effectively, stay on top of technology related issues and monitor the company’s network in order to make sure it remains operational and working at optimal levels of performance.

The Different Levels of IT

All infrastructure in a business can be simmered down to these four areas of management:


This includes but is not limited to: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.


This is the way that you and your staff access and use your workstations and devices.


Keeping your workstation and your user account clean, safe and secure.


The bigger picture. The tick and tock of your business. This is your network.

Canadian Managed IT Services

We provide IT Management Service and more to Toronto, Burlington, Mississauga, Brampton, Hamilton, Oakville and Beyond! Remote services to other parts of Ontario, Canada and the World are available as well!

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IT Consulting for Small Businesses in the GTA & Surrounding Areas


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There are many businesses making the assumption that it is able to survive without managed IT services in Toronto, Oakville, Burlington and beyond. This might be true for a season, but once a situation arises it ultimately costs energy, time, resources and, most importantly, clients, as it is unable to correct the issue in a timely manor.

Please note, all managed IT services are not the same for every business, which is exactly why a company needs to directly work with the very best IT professionals at Eldantel in order to determine what hardware and software is needed, what needs to be cut out and the services that should be invested in to increase productivity and profits.

A major issued faced by businesses is the lack of knowledge of the type of IT software and hardware required for your business. Not all companies are created the same and so it would be foolish to assume that all tech services would be required. The kind of business, the size of its client base and the services it provides also require direct attention, but inferior IT support companies are not going to look into these important attributes that make your business unique in it’s particular field.