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IT Consulting Service by Eldantel gives you peace of mind. With the combined experience of over 30 years working with companies at home in Canada, and away, we know what your company needs, hence the reason we are your IT consultants!

Backup Solutions
Computer Help & Repair
Hardware Upgrade Consultations
Network Services
New Software Procurement
Upgrade Consultation
Workstation Management
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Some Statistics About IT Consulting @ Eldantel

The number of networking requests this month62
Average number of virus removal requests80%
Percentage of returning clients88%
Percent clients upgraded to Windows 876%
Number of consultants onsite in Toronto12
Average Number Clients Eldantel Serves Daily62

See What Our Clients Are Saying

I was so frustrated with our phone system and our desktops were running so slow. Eldantel did a thorough network analysis and also let us know exactly what was wrong with everything. They emailed everything to us and then went step by step and fixed everything. Amazing!
Laurie- Receptionist
The consultant came down to my offices on Dundas St. and was with me for about 2 hours. Best 2 hours of my time in business. I understood everything that was explained to me, and the consultant went as far as to make sure that I could do exactly what she did before she left my office. Excellent service.
Josh- Manager
I have been a client of Eldantel for over 18 months. I have a monthly support package with them and let me tell you, it is well worth the money! I call the hotline literally 24/7 and I get a live person, Canada based every single time. Everything is handled remotely and in a timely fashion. I can focus on sales knowing that my back is covered with Eldantel managed VoIP and IT consulting services.
Igor- CEO

IT Consulting Services by Eldantel

By and large, this is not our full offering of IT consulting services. We are available in a variety of sectors and can provide completely custom consultations and advice for your specific business. Just give us a call!

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[bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Business Application Support [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Computing Infrastructure Design, Architecture, And Implementation [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Crisis Resolution [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Data Backup, Recovery, And Continuity [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Data Protection Services (DPS) [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Disaster Recovery Sites [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]DVR Camera Systems [/bullet]
[bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]E-Mail Configuration And Support [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]General Maintenance And Repairs [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme””]Hardware And Software  [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Installation, Configuration And Upgrades [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Internet Connectivity Issues [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Microsoft Office Application Suite Support [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Remote & Onsite Diagnostic And Solution Identification [/bullet]
[bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Software And Hardware Planning And Deployment [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Software Updates And Maintenance [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Virus Control And Removal [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]VoIP Telecom Systems [/bullet] [bullet icon=”fa-check-circle” color=”theme”]Windows Update Services (WSUS)[/bullet]


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