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Eldantel’s VoIP a la Carte service is simple: see something you like, call us, we provision it, done… just like a turkey sandwich! Our VoIP a la Carte carrier services include wholesale termination, DIDs, SIP trunking, VoIP billing hosting, residential VoIP lines, business VoIP lines and and much more!

Business Phone Line? Need SIP PRI?

You are at the right VoIP company! We setup SIP PRI, DIDs & VoIP business phone lines in a jiffy!

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Why Eldantel for Your SIP Needs?

100% Made in Canada

Eldantel is located in Brampton, ON, Canada. We are a Canadian company, catering to our Canadian clients

Open-Source Ready

Whether you are working with Asterisk, FreePBX, elastix or trixbox, we provide open source ready SIP trunks for your company

Quick Configuration

Our tech specialists are always available to help configure your SIP trunks via the phone, email, IM (Skype ) and even remote sessions.

Over the Phone Support

Want to speak to a live person about your VoIP concerns? Give us a call at: +1 416 477-1215. We’re there.

Don’t Know if You Need VoIP? Do You…

Find your company dishing out money for a phone bill that you don't fully understand?

Long and complicated phone bills from major phone companies are a sure fire sign that you need to switch to the SIP trunking services of Eldantel. Why? Our easy to understand service lets you know exactly what you are paying for, and there are no complicated terms and lingo that confuses or blinds you from understanding where your money is being spent.

Need outside support of your telephone system on a regular basis?

You need to focus on what is important to your business. Constantly worrying about support costs, lines going down, and terrible service will not make your company great. But having a stellar and secure VoIP system, complete with SIP trunks, voicemail, call forwarding and more will definitely get your company there.

Have a phone system that is greater than 5 years old?

Though legacy phone systems are a thing of the past, many of the same companies that use them are unaware that VoIP is the solution to all the legacy phone issues. Switching to VoIP by Eldantel ensures that you have the latest in telecommunication technology, as well as have a stable and solid VoIP telephony system

Operate your business from more than one location?

Having multiple locations, multiple lines, multiple phones numbers can be confusing, hassle-some and expensive. By centering and merging your company’s telecommunications with VoIP, you will be able to have quality VoIP enterprise service at a fraction of the cost of running and maintaining multiple on-site phone systems.

If you answered “Yes” to any one of the above questions, switching to VoIP is exactly what your company – big or small – needs.

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