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Eldan Private Label Phone Cards (PLPC) are a great way to get in the VoIP business. Eldan PLPC allows you to sell and market you own brand, or the Eldantel brand, of calling cards. The core advantange of this program is two-fold: first there is very little investment needed upfront to get started, and two, managment of the cards is done, in realtime, through the internet. You have full access to check call details on each card, check card balances, and make analysis on your sales all through one, simple interface. Cool eh? See a few of our cool designs for our private label phone card clients below:

What Are the Costs for Starting Out Private Label Phone Cards with Eldantel?

Eldantel is very upfront with our costs and we have no reason to hide or lie or cheat you. This is the reason we put our pricing structure for our PLPC right on our website. Why nickle and dime potential clients, when you can win them over with honesty and make the best white label partners through our private label phone cards in the field?

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 Design, Development & Printing

Our talented team of designers works directly with all our clients to ensure that the idea for their own private label phone card is brought forth! We work with the most advanced design software to bring your dreams into reality for your business. Calling cards are printed in a minimum quantity of 5,000 cards / batch. So for example, if you wanted to start a private label phone card called “CLAIR” for $5, this would be considered 1 batch. If you would like to create a another card called “MIGHTY” in the same denomination of $5, this would be a second batch. If you wanted to create another “CLAIR” card, but this time for $10, this would be considered as 1 batch. Batches cannot under any circumstance be divided for any reason. The minimum cards printed per batch are 5,000 cards.

Support, Bandwidth & Hosting + Access Numbers

All of our private label phone cards come with a real-time access portal. From this portal, you will be able to manage every single one of your cards from anywhere in the world with Internet access. Each white label partner has their own virtual server, hosted in our state-of-the-art datacenter in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. From this server, you can check call reports and details, see the amount of credit left on each of your phone cards, activated and deactivate cards, offer credits and much more. All your private label phone cards come preloaded with the PIN numbers that are printed on the back of the phone cards so that you can start making money with your own private label brand of phone cards! Should you need any help or assistance, our technical support team is there to help you with anything your will need: from customer service to finding your way through your white label portal. Canadian access numbers are charged at a fee of $5 per month per access number. American access numbers are charged at $10 per month per access number. International and toll free access numbers are available upon request. Please give us a call at 416-477-1215 ext. 2610 to place your order.

Wholesale Termination & Shipping

Wholesale Termination are the minutes that are used and consumed by the users of your private label phone card. Unlike other providers, Eldantel does not lock you down to just one provider, you have the ability to pick and chose who you would like to purchase your minutes from, and Eldantel will help your configure and link up to them! There are thousands of wholesale terminators worldwide who can provide your private label phone cards with the type of quality and service that you require. It is because of this that the cost of your wholesale termination depends totally on you! Eldantel’s provider of choice is AccessAirtime and we encourage all white label partners to use their service as the setup and connection to their servers is done instantly so you can start calling right away! Shipping costs depend on where in the world you are and how soon you would like to recieve your private label phone cards 🙂 However, you are also more than free to come down to our offices and pick up your private label phone cards yourself if you are in the area, and pop in and say hello to the team as well!

Your Own Private Label Phone Card!

All Done! Now that you know the full process to get your private label phone cards, you can make a proper information decision and take the next step to see your goals fulfilled! We are here to help you get on the road to financial freedom and full control over your VoIP business investment!

How Do I Get Started Selling Private Label Phone Cards with Eldantel?

To get started as a white label partner with Eldantel with private label phone cards, simply fill out our White Label VoIP Application. It’s FREE! One of our dedicated Partner Mentors will be in touch with you to help you along this path. Alternatively, you can give Eldantel a call at: 416-477-1215 and we will be able to help you get started on this exciting journey today!

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