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Hosted PBX Features, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, Call Transfer, VoIP PBX, VoIP Business Phone Service from Eldantel Eldantel offers all our hosted PBX clients excellent features with all our plan offerings. Whether you are a freelance graphic designer, a charity on the rise or a fully established corporation, we provide you with a wide variety of features for your hosted VoIP PBX: absolutely FREE. All our features are backed by our quality service and provide great customer satisfaction to our clients.

Included Hosted PBX Features:

Business Voicemail

Store your voicemail messages in separate mailboxes for each user of your business VoIP system. Retrieve them via the phone handset, or optionally, externally from your business IVR (must have IVR configured for this feature).

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Call Display

See the caller’s business name and phone number on a display screen. You will be able to see the caller ID of businesses and individuals with their country code, area code and city code on your phone handset and from your external devices as well!

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Call Forwarding

You decide the way you want to forward calls on your extension or your line! You can either forward all calls, forward calls when you are currently on the line, or only forward calls to another number when you don’t pick up!

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Call Return – Last

Automatically dial the last called number. The call return list can be accessed directly from your phone handset, or through the use of our simple, and easy to use feature codes.

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Call Screening

Reject incoming calls from a list you specify. Our technicians work with you to come up with a quick and easy solution: you can have rejected calls go to voicemail, be put on music on hold and much more.

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Call Transfers

Attended call transfers and blind transfers allow you to have maximum control on the transfer capabilities of your system. Transfers can be made within the office, or to external numbers.

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Call Waiting

Alerts you to an incoming call when you are on the line. Multi-line offices can have multiple lines come in to one direct user, no matter which number your clients are calling. Never miss a business call again!

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Distinctive Ring

Add up to two additional numbers with distinctive ring tones to a line. When enabled, when a caller calls into your VoIP business phone system and hosted PBX, each line can be optimized to have a different ring tone.

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Line / User Hunting

Never miss a phone call in your office again with our line and user hunting. Have all calls into your number call all users, some users, or just one user. You decide how you want the calls routed!

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Per-Call Display Block

Prevent your business name and phone number from being displayed in an outgoing call. This feature can be turned on and off on a per call basis, or you can have us block your business number completely.

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Simultaneous Ring

Allow all the phones and handsets in your office to ring… at exactly the same time! You can also have the simultaneous ring reach out to your home office, cellphone or even the phone at the cottage as well!

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Three Way Calling

Have three way conversations within the office, or with clients and users within your office. External numbers like cellphones and home-phones can also be added into your three way conversations.

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In Need of More Complex Features?

Our Hosted PBX Corporate Addons  add to the brand of your enterprise

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