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Calling Cards vs. Direct Dial: Which is Better?

Calling Cards


Quick & Easy
Can be used from any phone at anytime


Need to continue purchasing
Need to use PIN numbers for each call
May attract higher rates & fees

Calling cards came out way before direct dial, and have been used by many of people to make millions of calls! However, the little cards can rack up quite a mess! Only available in lower denominations, you won’t be able to enjoy long calls with friends and family as it is rare to find calling cards in higher denominations, meaning you need to make trips to the store frequently! also, you’ll need to continue entering in PIN after PIN to use your credit! A little bit much don’t you think?

Direct Dial


No PIN Numbers
Refill whenever you want
Can add multiple number to one account


Can become difficult to manage multiple accounts
Can only purchase from select vendors at select locations
Less security

Direct dial is by far an easier way to make long distances calls internationally for cheap. Direct dial – also called ANI, long distance packages or reloadable long distance – allows you to make calls from any phone number, without having to enter a PIN number! In addition to this, you can refill your account, add extra phone numbers to it, and so much more! The downside to this however, is that  it is possible for anyone who has access to your phone – and access number – will be able to use your account, something that isn’t a problem with calling cards.



It totally depends on you whether or not you use calling cards or direct dial long distance accounts to make your long distance calls. Both have positives and negatives that could impact your decision on which you choose to make your international calls this holiday season. Eldantel offers both to our clients and you as well! Simply visit our website at http://myeldan.com and get registered for our long distance services!

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