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Is Business VoIP Right for My Business? The Answer is YES!

As a business owner, being on the forefront of the latest technology can benefit your business in a myriad of ways. One of the ways is through upgrading your current, traditional phone system and phone lines to VoIP. Not sure what VoIP is? Take a quick look at this page that we have specifically for people who are new to VoIP. VoIP allows voice waves to travel across the internet, saving you money and energy, two things that are very important to any business! See some of the reasons you should switch to VoIP today!


 More Features, Less Money

When you acquire a VoIP phone line service for your home or business from Eldantel, the features that you would most likely not receive from a traditional phone company, come included in your monthly fee, no questions asked. We do not restrict the number of features that you have to your phone account which is a common occurrence with traditional phone companies, as well as some VoIP companies. Some of the features that we offer to our clients, include, but are not limited to:

Call Waiting
Call Forwarding
Caller ID
Call Display
Three-Way Calling
And the List Goes On!

For our full list of included services, please click here.

Furthermore, as a business phone client of Eldantel, if you would like to add bigger and better features to your phone system – at Eldantel we call them addons – you can do that without having to carry a hefty price tag or extraneous engineering. Addons that are possible with our VoIP business phone lines, hosted PBX, IP PBX and phone systems are as follows:

Conference Rooms
Company Directory
Sales and Support Queues
Custom Greetings and Recordings
And the List Goes On!

The costs for providing VoIP service is much lower than providing POTS or traditional phone service and we in turn pass these cost savings onto our clients. Enjoy the benefits of saving money by switching your home or business phone services to Eldantel.


More Support, Less Contracts

A fully managed hosted PBX means that you do not need to worry about the day to day running of your phone system. Voicemail too full? We’ll handle that. Upgrading of memory? We’ll take of that too. The phone system may be a bit dusty? We’ve got air cans galore! Since your phone system is being managed with Eldantel, we also ensure that you have the full support of your hosted PBX, without any support contracts! A traditional phone system can come with costs for repair, maintainence, upgrades and more hidden fees than you could shake a stick at. However, Eldantel IP PBX and Hosted PBX services come with our Canadian technical support team that are available via phone, email, Skype and online support, without the need for a support contract.


More Peace of Mind, Less Headaches

With Eldantel handling the management of your phone system, with your billing becoming simple, cheaper and your phone service being stable and reliable at the same time, you receive more peace of mind to focus on driving your business forward. There is no need for you to worry about the functionality of your phone system, when parts need to be repaired and upgraded, or what have you. We at Eldantel take care of everything and leave you with more time to focus on growing your business. The freedom that VoIP gives you and your business is phenomenal:

No need to hire a receptionist with our digital receptionist
Never miss a call with our call forwarding and find me/follow me service
Stop worrying about updating and upgrading
Add a layer of flair with sales and support queues which boost your company image



Making the change to a VoIP phone system or a VoIP business phone line is great for your business in every way: you are saving money on a monthly basis, you have less to worry about in respect to the way you are communicating with your clients and you always know that Eldantel is here for you should you need any support or help with your phone line, without having to worry about an extra added cost to your business expenses. All in all, making the move to VoIP is an excellent decision and one that you should make as soon as possible… how about we get started today?


How Do I Get Started?

To get started with your Hosted PBX from Eldantel, simply give us a call at: 416-477-1215 or, for fastest service, fill out our Hosted PBX Order Form. We will be in contact with you to get your needs met for your new phone system.

Your New Business Phone System Awaits!

Give us a call at 416-477-1215 ext. 2612 to speak with one of our technical specialists for your business phone needs. Or fill out the form and start saving and enjoying today!

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